Popayán Sugar Cane Decaf

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Popayán is located in the department of Cauca at 1,700 m.a.s.l. This regions topography is perfect to grow exceptional coffee!

The so-called Meseta de Popayan is sheltered by the Andes mountain range which helps generate homogeneous climatic and altitudinal characteristics. The result is a balanced cup profile with floral and caramel notes.

We collaborate with approximately 65 growers who contribute to this program and with whom we build long-term relationships. This program encourages farmers to focus on quality and based on quality assessment we provide up to 20% premiums above
the market price.


Sugar cane is a natural decaffeination process whereby the molasses derived from sugar cane (a readily available product in Colombia) is fermented to create ethanol. This alcohol is then mixed with acetic acid, to create the compound ethyl acetate.

The coffee is first submitted to an environment of spring water and steam in order to increase moisture content which is important in facilitating the extraction of caffeine from the beans. They are then washed in the sugar cane ethyl acetate for 8 hours which dissolves the caffeine and dried to their original moisture content. 

Then the decaffeinated coffee is dried in a chamber to reach the same moisture content that it had prior to the process

This decaffeination process is unique. The caffeine is extracted using sugar cane and water which enhances sweetness while maintaining coffee attributes.

Altitude 1500 - 2070 m.a.s.l.

Location / Farm Popayán, Cauca

Temperatur 16-22oC

Botanical Cultivars Colombia-Castillo-Caturra

Soil Characteristic Volcanic ash

Annual Rainfall 1700-2000mm