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Brewing Equipment

Freshly Roasted Coffee

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116 The Terrace


5 Riddiford Street


Coffee culture that’s accepting

We’re genuinely interested in the people we serve daily.
Acknowledging their lives are at times full of activity and stress,
we’re here to give our best generously.

Our Story

October 2015 marked the beginning of Frank's. We've created a premium coffee shop experience that is honest, friendly, playful, and meaningful. Here's why we do what we do:

our way

Fanstatically chic yet endearingly local café for true coffee-lovers! Frank’s is all about clean, minimal design to create an airy environment to truly appreciate your coffee in. Order your coffee over a small central bar filled with snack options from moreishly filling donuts, salted caramel cookies and brownie, to simply tomato and cheese or filled rolls. A sandwich press ensures you’ll delight in any savoury baked good. The coffee is superb. Brilliantly poured crema with perfectly stretched milk. Decaf options are available, and if you need a sweet hot go for a well made mocha! Go here for excellent coffee and enjoy taking in all the smells and textures as you unhurriedly pass your time.

J.G. Seabrook

オープン直後すぐに行ったので、Boston Styled Beansをオーダーしましたが、まだオーダーできないとのことで、stewart island hot-smoked salmon $21.5とフラットホワイトをオーダー。スモークサーモンはとても柔らかく甘くてジューシーでほんとにおいしかった。クリスピーケッパーもとてもよかったです!ここのお店の雰囲気が大好きで、フリーWi-fiもあるのでいいです。店員さんもフレンドリーでとてもよかった。ごちそうさまでした!

M N - Google Review

This is a must for any coffee enthusiast! One of the best coffees you can get in Wellington made by passionate baristas. There are couple of different coffee bean varieties available on request - just ask. The beans are sourced from the best coffee roasteries in NZ, providing great alternative to Coffee Supreme or People's which you can get in almost any other café in Wellington. If all goes well, you can even expect coffee roasted by Frank himself in May 2020. The shop also sells packaged coffee beans and various coffee accessories.

Lukáš Běhal

I love Frank's. Whether you're ducking in for a cheeky filter or need to hit that 5th espresso of the morning this is a great spot. The coffee is if the highest quality (and they can tell you all about it) and they've got some tasty cabinet food to boot. I highly recommend a hot espresso and a salted caramel cookie while sitting upstairs and looking out over the rainy streets of the capital

Jetse Lenting

早餐有員工服務,不用到台前點餐,早餐有員工也送到枱面。 早餐品種多樣及豐富,三文魚及豆也非常好味。還有海鹽及芝麻提供。

Wong Sammy


We partner with New Zealand manufacturers to provide compostable packaging for all of our takeaway containers and wherever possible, we encourage the use of reusable cups, because we believe it matters.