Ethiopia Gionssii Galla LOT142 Washed 74110 by Gera Estate

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Gera Estate coffees are now famous for being roasted by major industrial and micro roasters around the world.

Gera Estate is the major farm owned by Tracon in Oromia region with around 1000 hectares of land where large scale farming of coffee is done. It's located at highland altitude from 1900-2100 m.a.s.l, very ideal for coffee cultivation with annual rainfall of 1880 - 2180 ml. No chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used. The coffee is grown in a sustainable agricultural system, where it takes into account the socio and economic aspect.

Red cherry is picked and freshly sorted before pulping. Over-ripe and under-ripe beans are handpicked and separated before processing. Coffees are pulped and allowed to ferment naturally. The fermented coffee is washed with clean running water, soaked in clean water and then dried to retain about 11.5% of moisture.  

We think it tastes like...  Lemonade, Nectarine, Floral Jasmine.

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Farm and Producer: Gera estate, Tracon

Botanical Cultivars: 74110

Altitude: 1920- 2100 m.a.s.l

Process: Washed

Soil Characteristics: Volcanic Ash

Annual Rainfall: n/a

Temperature: n/a




Recommended Brewing:


19g in, 38g out, 27-30 secs